At what point begins an artist's biography? I would say there is somehow always a creative cloud around, which we can ''smell'' in early years of life...but I hesitate when I should write the exact year when I did my first ''serious'', being humble, I put the year 2004, the first mature works and exhibitions after the Art Academy....following the postgraduate studies, experience, searching, exploring, exhibiting, teaching, making failures, successes, pauses, dissapointments, thinking, reestablishing, all with constant, typical need to get further into art. That is a biography of every artist who keeps diving into art. 

My work phases are very different from each other - polyptich canvases of abstract landscapes, polyptich watercolors, miniatures, abstract pencil drawings that transform into collages, drawings-collages transforming into collage-polyptichs, the growth of the format, the need to split it up in pieces that communicate, big collages and assemblages with various materials, objects and installations, photography...they all have in common my interest in a surface of an artwork, experimenting with it's role, dessintegrating it, confronting it with space, questioning what many before me have questioned, searching for it's numerous roles, as well as importance, not only as a plain paper or canvas on which the artwork exists.....I continue with my interest in a surface also in my Doctoral degree in visual art theory and practice; it's a lasting process.....


Official CV


1980              Born in former Yugoslavia, in the town Brcko, republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

1992-1999      Moved to republic of Serbia at the beginning of civil war in Bosnia, receiving the first recognitions and a prize for the best

                     artwork on annual  ''Zmaj's youth festival'' in 1994; receiving first art classes at the end of 1990s

1999-2003      Attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, studying painting as a main subject

2004              First solo exhibition, first group exhibitions and membership of ULUBiH (Association of Artists of Bosnia)

2005-2006      After graduation in Belgrade spending a year at the University of Plymouth, UK, Fine Arts

2006-2008      Magister studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade

2008- 2016     Working as a docent for Composition at the Academy of Classical Painting in Novi Sad, Serbia

2011              Included in ''30 best artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina'', followed by participation in a documentary for federal tv channel 1

                     of  Republic of Bosnia

2012              Membership in ULUPUDS (Association of Artists and Designers of Serbia); solo exhibition in the membership's gallery

2012-2013      Completing a one-year graphic design course at IT Academy, Belgrade    

2012-             Doctoral studies of Visual Arts, theory and practice: "Object in postmodern art", at Fine Art Academy, Belgrade

2014              Membership in Kunstverein München;

                     Membership in Munich Artists group; 

2016              Received the first prize on International Bienalle of Drawing in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia

2017              Membership in Kunstverein Freisiniger Mohr in Freising, participating in its Frühjahrsausstellung

                     Since 2016 living, working and exhibiting in Munich, Germany








Liliana Bauer